Referral Program


Earn money by lending us your own network

It can be your private network, it can be your business network. We let you earn commissions if members in your network order stand construction from us.

And the good thing is, you will earn commissions on all repeat business we get from this contact (also if he or she leaves the company).

How does it work?

Perhaps you know a family member, perhaps a friend or acquaintance, perhaps your neighbour, your colleague, perhaps someone you know is responsible for arranging expostands for the company (or institution/association etc.) they work for.

All you need to do is;
- Get that someone to send us an inquiry for stand design and/or stand construction at an exhibition.
- Or have that person agree to us contacting him or her.
- Let us know the contactdetails of company and person, as well as your bank account details, or paypal details (for payment of future commissions).

If the company becomes our customer, you will be entitled to commission on all business generated for as long as the company remains our customer (in other words, on all repeat business).

You may have many questions still. Therefore we prepared two info pages for you;

Click here to learn all about the commission rates you can earn
Click here for our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Have further questions, or want to sign up for the referral programme? Just send us an email
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